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Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Slothful Week.

Rather dull today and somehow the water doesn't look as inviting as it usually is!

I've not done a lot of writing this week, in fact, I haven't done any!  This post is the first time I've set fingers to keyboard for a number of days.  However, I've not been wasting my time...not at all!

Our weather turned very cold at the beginning of the week and although it's now warmer, I think I can safely say summer has gone.  I've been busy cooking soup...pumpkin, potato and leek last weekend; yesterday a huge pot of chicken soup, enough for eight servings.  During the week I also made vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise and a large cottage pie.  My freezer is now full of ready made meals plus I have a bowl of chicken soup in the fridge.  Just as well, it turns out, as I forgot to get something out of the freezer for dinner tonight.'s chicken soup and crumpets!  I can live with that.

* * * * * * * *

I made a very sensible decision some weeks ago and that was to start doing my grocery shop weekly instead of once a month.  Because I now have stairs to climb to access my place, the once a month shop meant untold trips up and down carrying bags of groceries.  I became heartily sick of that and decided on the once a week jaunt instead.  It's taken a little while to become used to not buying in bulk but I've found over the weeks that I actually end up finding more specials.  As I like saving money, this has made me very happy, as you can imagine.  Plus I only have one or two trips from the car to take everything inside...much better!

* * * * * * * *

Book Review:

Alibi by Sydney Bauer (Pan Macmillan Aust, 2008)

If you like reading legal suspense, you'll enjoy this book.  David Cavanaugh, a sought after criminal defence lawyer, becomes involved in the defence of Jessica Nagoshi's murderer.  Jessica was being groomed, along with her brother, Peter, to take control of Nagoshi Inc.  However, she was brutally murdered with no clues as to the perpetrator of the crime.  Plus, Jessica had a secret her brother and father knew nothing about.

Set in an elite ivy league college setting and involving three highly intelligent law students, this well written novel has more twists and turns than the most extreme roller coaster.  I can usually work out whodunnit, but in this story, I had no idea until I reached the end.   This is a real page turner and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the ups and downs, ins and outs that kept me guessing all the way through.

Rating:  *****

* * * * * * * *

That's all for now, folks.  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. It pleases me greatly, Robyn, that you are now doing a weekly grocery shop, instead of a monthly one. A very smart move, my dear! :)

    Our cold spell didn't last for long,'s warmed up considerably to what it was last weekend and earlier in the week. I wish we'd get the showers that keep being promised; but we've received nothing up here on the hill.

    Thanks for the book sounds like a good read...another one to keep an eye out for at the library.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. :)

  2. Thank you, Lee. As for the grocery shop, it's a real chore but I console myself with coffee and cake incentive, if you like...before I return home to trudge up and down the stairs. Ah well, it's all good exercise...

  3. You should erect some kind of pulley contraption! lol....strong enough so you can sit on the platform, too, after loading it up with your grocery walking up those stairs!

    I enjoy grocery shopping, but I hate having to lug it all inside and then the unpacking thereof...and, as I've said previously, I don't have stairs to climb up and I really have nothing at all to whinge about. That hasn't stopped me, though! ;)

  4. I am back home and here it's very cold too (for the season) only 10° ! I do my grocery shopping once a week. Have always done so, if I would buy for a month I would forget what I have bought, lol !


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