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Saturday, 7 June 2014


I was returning from the shopping village yesterday when I saw this sign.  I stopped (on a yellow line *cough*) and hurriedly took a photo with my phone.

Upon reaching home and putting my few purchases away (I'd forgotten to buy the cats some grain free cat biscuits), I rang the number and asked to speak to Nicholas Waters, the name on the sign, which I didn't manage to get in the shot.  It turned out that I was speaking to a very pleasant gentleman named Russ...Nicholas Waters was the name of the apartment complex of which Russ was the manager.

I introduced myself and asked how much the weekly rental was.  As it was in my price range, my next question was if I could have pets.  Upon his query, I told him I had two cats.  His reaction amazed and delighted me...he and his wife were cat lovers and had two of their own.

The next thing I was racing down the road to view the apartment.  It's about 100 m further from where I am now but  at the back of the complex overlooking the canal, a lovely grassed barbeque area and the pool.  Ok, it's only a one bedroomed place but I figured it was time I downsized anyway.   During the time I was looking through the place and chatting with Russ, my mind was busy planning where my furniture was going.

I mentioned I was interested; Russ said bring the deposit in, which I did, and it was mine!  I can move in next week, Friday 13 (13 has always been a very auspicious number for me).  However, I've given a fortnight's notice to vacate my current place which gives me plenty of time to move out, clean it thoroughly and have the carpets cleaned and pest controlled.

There are no carpets in my new place (I don't particularly like them) but it has lovely white tiles throughout.  It's very bright and airy and gets the sun all day.  There's a balcony, which will please the cats and the best thing is...I don't hear the traffic!  I have a two year lease and apparently the owner has no plans to sell, which I was very pleased to hear.

So...that's what happened yesterday.  It's the quickest I've ever been approved for a place to live and as when I've previously hunted for a place, it's the first one I've actually been to see.  The Universe has been very good to me!


  1. Oh, Robyn...I'm so very pleased for you; sincerely I am. Only last night while watching TV I was thinking about you and your hunt for accommodation with the hope something suitable would come along soon. I was concerned...I'm not just saying that. How wonderful for've made my day. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your concern, Lee. I must admit I was starting to become a little worried, too, especially as I kept getting knocked back when I asked about pets. But I had the same problem before I found my current place and it turned out ok in the end. My new place is beautiful! It's fairly new and Russ, the manager, was cleaning it when I got there. It looked ok to me, oh there was a bit of dust on the floor but nothing that a broom wouldn't fix. Anyway, apparently, he makes sure any vacated apartments are spotless. I'm so pleased. I leave my places cleaner than when I moved in every time then have to turn around and clean someone else's dirt when I've moved to a new place. I'm so over it, but it looks as if I won't have to do that this time. Yay!!

  3. That is wonderful ! Sounds all very good ! Tiles are more easy and more hygienic too ! For you and two cats it sounds perfect. And having a swimmingpool is nice too !

    1. I prefer tiles because I get asthma and carpet is too dusty. The pool is going to be lovely next summer!

  4. How take photos sometime soon!!


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