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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Here Comes the Sun, Also Bushfires, Drought, Storms and Cyclones...and Poetry Writing

If you're thinking, from the above heading, that Australia's weather is'd be right! It's spring at the moment and that means bushfires, continuing drought inland and very little rain.  Summer brings humidity, storms and cyclones...and continuing drought inland if the monsoon rains only stay around the coastal areas.  It's a harsh climate, unpredictable in its severity but I, and most of my fellow countrymen, love Australia regardless.

The pictures below were taken about 9 am yesterday morning.  I'd gone for my walk a little earlier as storms were predicted for late morning.

 Above:  No clouds let alone a sign of any storm.

Yep, I actually wet my feet and the water was surprisingly the shallows!

I also wriggled my toes in the warm sand and it felt so good!

One of the large old casuarina or she-oaks lining the shore...welcome shade in the heat of summer.

As for the storms...I heard thunder in the evening, there were a few spits of rain and that was it for where I live.  They were small scattered cells and pretty localised to a few select suburbs on the coast.

* * * * * * * *

Our next writer's meeting is on 27 September and we were asked to submit a poem. Nerida, our wonderful facilitator and leader, likes to give us various genres of writing to keep us on our toes!

One example of this was last year's anthology entitled "Hauntings: Dark Tales of Truth and Trickery".  I don't write horror and don't really like reading it either.  Fortunately, we were given leeway in that our attempts didn't have to be true horror but could be fantasy, whimsy, humour and even true tales from strange events we may have experienced.  

And so to poetry.  I'm not a poet...unless it's a naughty limerick.  "There was a young lass from Nantucket"...on second thoughts, maybe not.  I put it off and put it off...procaffinating as one wit on Facebook called it.  Procrastinating while drinking coffee...very apt in my case.

During the weekend I put my newly acquired poet's cap on and set to work.  I was mildly pleased with the result...a poem about writing a poem!   I'll put it in a post after the meeting and you can let me know what you think.

* * * * * * * *

To more mundane things.  I emptied my freezer.  I do that my frozen meals and other supplies down before refilling so I don't have food stored for months on end. Of course, that means I have to defrost and clean it.  Fortunately, it's only a small chest freezer which fits nicely under the bench...big enough, plus the freezer in the fridge, for my needs.  

Anyway, it's all defrosted and clean ready for my new supplies of meat which I'll pick up this afternoon.  I feel quite virtuous now.

On that note, I shall end.  I hope your week is not too arduous and that you have something nice planned for your weekend.


  1. Cleaning and defrosting a freezer?!! You have a lot of energy. I'd much rather walk the shores with you and soak my feet in the warm sand and let my toes drizzle from the shallow water. Beautiful....drought or no drought.

    1. Unfortunately the freezer has to be defrosted every three months or thereabouts as it's only small. You would be most welcome to walk along the beach with me, Anni...I love living here and feel really blessed just being a five minute walk from the water.

  2. Our weather is strange this year. In summer it was mostly cold (15°) and now that we are in autumn we have 25° today ! For me it could last the whole year ! I defrost my fridge when it's freezing outside, then I can put all the stuff outside while I clean !

    1. Hahaha, that's a good idea, Gattina. Unfortunately or fortunately, I should say, it's never that cold here, thank God. I wouldn't be able to stand it...I'm a subtropical animal!

  3. You use my name in vain, Robyn! It's always Lee's way!! ;)

    I'm sure your poem will receive the accolades it deserves.

    Each day...started last Thursday...I go up and feed my landlords' chickens and cat. They've gone to the UK for five weeks or so. Molly, their cat, is a lovely little thing but she's the grumpiest cat I've ever come in contact with. Wow! She really is a cranky cat! lol

    Never before have I been treated in such a way by a cat...never! I'm more like the "cat whisperer"...but Molly is a whole different ball game; but two can play at this game.

    I've just let her have her grumbles and growls - kept chatting with her, but at the same time ignoring her obnoxious behaviour. The poor little thing...she's defrosting...a bit like your freezer...and as each day has gone by she's gotten closer and closer; accepting more and more from me.

    This morning was the real breakthrough. As soon as I went into the house and into the bedroom she's claimed as her own she snuggled up to me and couldn't get enough pats. All is well once again on the mountain. I really feel for Molly...she's fine; she's very protective of "her" house.her territory and that's wonderful, but I hate the fact that she's there the majority of the time by herself. I'm a big sook. I probably over-think it too much.

    All the best with your poem. :)

    1. :Poor little Molly. I don't think you're a sook because I felt exactly the same way when reading about her. Your landlords are extremely fortunate to have you there to look after but they may be very surprised on their return to find Molly's pretty cranky with them! Poor little puss.

      Thank you for your good wishes regarding my poem. Hopefully, it'll get a laugh. At least I've written one!

  4. I as convinced I had updated my blog list but every time I click on you I get your old blog. I MUST do it today!
    The weatherman has been threatening us but so far we seem to have escaped most of the bad weather too.
    Our self-defrosting freezer isn't. I had to chip the peas out yesterday. MUST call repair man.

  5. I wondered why you were missing in action, Liz. Nice to see you :)


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