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Monday, 13 October 2014

Spring Has Sprung...With a Vengeance!

This shot is taken from my balcony and shows a small poinsettia, in the centre, so covered in flowers its leaves can't be seen.  Unfortunately the photo doesn't do justice to the colour which is a beautiful vibrant red.

Below is the striking miniature bougainvillea just showing in the bottom left-hand corner of the previous photo.  Believe it or not, it's been flowering like this since I moved here almost four months ago.  I love looking at it as the flowers are such an intense but cheerful colour, with various shades of pink, depending on the age of the blossoms.

Finally, my two fur-faces.  Mitzi (top) prefers the shaded aspects of the balcony now the weather's warmer while Bella (below) is a sun lover like me.  Although now the sun is becoming hotter, she's goes for the dappled sunlight under the outdoor setting.  They're fascinated by the water and will sit for ages, either outside or on a convenient window sill, watching the ripples and fish jumping.

It's been three weeks or so since my last post but I have been busy.  I'm currently typing up some work for one of our writers group members who is not particularly au fait with computers. Karen writes the most beautiful poetry and I'm putting all her work on a flash drive so none is lost.  As she has masses of poems, some of which are quite long, it's taking me a while but the upshot of it all is that I get to read this wonderful poetry before anyone else does!

I've also been working on a short story for the 2015 Commonwealth Writers competition, the deadline of which is 15 month.  It's taken me longer than usual because I've had to research quite a lot of detail.

The final task which has kept me with my head down is the second edition of "Old Age and Villainy" which I have finally finished.  I've added extra content and hopefully, it will go on sale in the next couple of days.  I'll also have an announcement to make at that time...stay tuned!

Next month is the Carnival of Words, an annual event to showcase Gold Coast authors and their work.  This year's theme is multicultural and there will be some fabulous entertainment including a flash mob, which we're currently working on, along with a sausage sizzle, a children's lantern parade at dusk and entertainment from some of the local multicultural groups.  It's also another reason why I've been working so hard on OA&V...I'm one of the *cough* featured authors, which is very exciting for me.

It's always a high energy day.  We're looking forward to it, especially after it's over, the public has departed and we've tidied everything up...then we'll sit down to well deserved wine and nibbles!  One thing I've noticed about my writer is always featured any time two or more get together...funny, that.

* * * * * * * * * *
Book Review

Beauty by Louise Mensch (2014 Headline)

If you've never heard of Louise Mensch, it's because she was formerly Louise Bagshawe, now writing as Mensch.

"Beauty" is the story of Dina Kane, an unwanted and unloved child who was denied the advantages her elder brother had.  Instead of bewailing her fate and wallowing in self pity, at a prodigiously young age Dina's steely determination sees her slow rise to the top of the billion dollar beauty industry. She has setbacks but claws her way out of those, however, there is someone determined to stop her at all costs...even to the point of murder.  

Set in New York, this pacy, racy and mesmerising saga combines intrigue, money and sex into one extremely readable book, which I finished at 4 am this morning because I couldn't bear to put it down.

I loved Ms Mensch's protagonist...Dina is a gutsy, but compassionate character and I badly wanted her to succeed and also to find love and happiness.  Yes, it has a happy ending and I liked that very much.

I'm an unashamed chick lit fan and this is chick lit at its best!  Enjoy.

* * * * * * * *
I hope this finds you all well and not stressing too much about Christmas, which is zooming closer each day.


  1. Well...that's all good news! It's good to read good news for a change! Good on you, Robyn! :) All's good! :)

  2. Wow...the only place in our neck of the woods here...the poinsettias only grow outside in Old Mexico and a hybrid in Florida....and then, they're 'tree's they're so big. Lucky you!!

    I too love reading poetry.

  3. Hi Anni, normally poinsettias are tall but I think the one here is a hybrid. I've also seen cream coloured plants as well as lovely dusky pink ones. i think they're a lovely flower.

  4. You lucky girl going into spring ! Here we go into autumn with rainy, grey days !
    Your cats seem to enjoy your balcony !
    It seems that you are very busy ! Good so, better than being bored !

  5. Hi Gattina, oh yes, the cats love the balcony all right! I love the warmer weather...I don't have to wear so many clothes! As for being busy, sometimes I wonder how I found the time to work. I'm so glad I don't have to now :)


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