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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Version Two Of My Blog

It's a hard life but someone's got to do it...
Mitzi (top) under the bed where it's coolest and Bella (lower) in her favourite spot on top of the sofa by the door that opens out onto the balcony.

I don't know how many times I heard that I was a sinner and had to repent as the world would end in 2012.   From Old Age and Villainy

Reading that quote, it's now 2014.  If the world ended, I obviously missed it...

Well, have I had fun with my blog.  Last week I went to write a new post and all had changed!  Possibly, actually probably, I had something to do with it but we won't go there.  Hence, this is version two...I have resolved not to faff around with settings anymore.

January has gone...I have no idea where...I barely registered it anyway.  The weather has been hot, cooler, hot again, very windy, relatively still then back to blowing a gale with rain every so often.  The rain is welcome, a breeze is welcome, howling gales are not!  In north Queensland there have been three cyclones in a week, two of which may reform.  However, according to the Bureau of Metereology one or both may pair up with a low which could then become separate cyclones creating what is known as a Fujiwhara effect.  Apparently, these can be quite severe.  So...that's what's happening on the weather front in our neck of the woods.

Sadly severe weather events are happening in other parts of the globe.  The USA seems to be having a really bad time with severe winter storms and extremely heavy snowfalls.  Other places are having earthquakes, floods and of course, along with the cyclones, parts of Australia have bad bushfires and a lot of the country is drought stricken.  

* * * * * * * *
My book has been languishing in my computer files for a month or so although I do have a good excuse.  I had a nasty lung infection from which it took me about three weeks to recover and then for another week or so after that I was incredibly tired.  However, I've bounced back and had the good news from the doctor yesterday that I can resume my walking which I have really missed.  It has brought home to me though that as we get older it takes longer for us to shake these things off.  I have realised that I really need to take care of myself now that my spring chicken years are long behind me.  My get up and go has now returned and I feel as if I can take on the world again.

* * * * * * * *

Over the last couple of weeks, the property manager has arranged to have all the bits and pieces in the unit fixed.  I no longer have venetian blinds falling out of their brackets; the front security door has had its automatic closer fixed, all the blown light bulbs have been replaced and of course, the tv aerial connection has been fixed as well.  The floor is coming up lighter each time I mop it and the colour of the linoleum is actually rather nice.  Obviously it hadn't been mopped for quite a long time (years??), however, the water is nowhere near as dirty now as the first time I mopped the floors.  That was a shock to see.

The cats have settled in really well and love going out onto the balcony to view the world from their lofty perch.  They're so nosy...every time they hear someone talking or a car pull up they rush out to see what's going on.  As is the case with cats, they love being up high...they feel safe.

Well that's it for this post.  Hopefully I won't be so long with the next one.



  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling fit, well and sprightly again, Robyn! Look out world! Here she comes! :)

    It's good to see you've got your blog back on track. I'm sorry I was of no use to you...I'm mostly of little use to myself!!!

    Great also that everything is getting fixed around your unit. That agent does need a kick up the butt, though...all those things, including the floor should have been in spick and span condition before you moved in.'s all falling into place, now, and you (and Mitzi and Bella) sound happy that's the main thing.

    Hopefully by the end of this week or next week I'll have three new screens fitted; so that's a plus for me. And then hopefully, I'll win the Lotto and can buy a little place of my own! My belief is there is no harm in having a dream or two! ;)

  2. Yes, winning a good prize on Lotto would finish things off nicely.

  3. I heard already in 1959 that the world would end in 1960. Maybe it ended but I didn't realize. Nice that everything is fixed now and that you are feeling well in your new place and the cats too !


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