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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Late Again...

What are the cats fixated on?  Although Mitzi's lying down on the job; she knows it could be a long wait.

This is the object of their obsession...a little gecko.  These pictures were taken a few days ago and as far as I know, the gecko still lives to see another day (or more!).
* * * * * * * *
I know it's been a while since my last post.  However, I do have a very good excuse.  I've been organising a cover for my book, writing the blurb for the back cover, formatting (which is taking me the longest time) and generally getting it ready for publication on Amazon.  It will be available in printed format as well as electronically.  I also have another good reason for wanting it done and dusted as soon as possible.  I've been asked to do a radio interview when all this has been completed.  I'm so excited!  It's a real incentive to get it done and "out there".
I'll let you know via this blog, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn when it's available.
* * * * * * * *
Book Review
"The Railway Man's Wife" by Ashley Hay (Pub. Allen & Unwin, Aust. 2013)
I saw this in the library and after hearing good reviews of the movie decided I had to read the book first, which I prefer.  One book reviewer described it as melancholy.  I would rather the adjective soulful...that's my opinion, anyway.
The novel is set in Thirroul on the NSW coast in 1948 with the main character being Anikka Lachlan, the railway man's wife.  When her world is torn apart, Ani tries to make sense of it all while endeavouring to raise her daughter, Isabel.  Ani is a strong woman and copes well although she doubts her ability to go on at times. Added to this mix are two men; a poet and a doctor, both battling demons from the War.  
Set amongst a tiny seaside settlement, the story is simple but beautifully written.  The way Ms Hay arranges and uses words is exquisite and this tender story has haunted me since I finished the book.  Her characters are those we can relate with, including those of the settlement who make occasional appearances in the story.
Ani is a worthwhile heroine and through her sadness the story gives its greatest impact.
Rating: *****



  1. Must. Read. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. All the very best to you on your book, Robyn...and your's understandable, your excitement. Good for you! :)

    Bella probably thinks the little gecko is the featured lizard's baby! You should motorise the ornamental one; that would stir things up a bit! ;)

    Thanks for the book review. I must read it and "The Book Thief" very soon!

  3. Thank you very much for your good wishes, Lee.

    When I first put that ornamental gecko on the wall a few years ago, the cats sat and watched it for hours, tails swishing, just waiting for it to move lol!

    "The Book Thief" is another on my reading list, too.

  4. A little gecko would be something for my cats too ! unfortunately they don't exist here it's too cold ! So you have almost finished with your book ? Congratulations !

  5. Thank you, Gattina. I've been formatting it I'm cross-eyed!

  6. All so exciting! Enjoy the fun bits. And do you agree that, although they all boast how simple it is to self-publish, it's not that easy peasy?! It involves quite a bit of frustration. But it's worth it. I would like to pre-order a hard copy please.

    1. Once the first one is done it's easier, Liz. I've kept the downloadable formatted template and now just type straight into it...much easier than all the formatting I'm doing. I will put your name down for a hard copy although it could be some time away yet, but thank you so much for your support. x

  7. Oh my that is a VERY good excuse for not being seen lately in blogland!! Good wishes for your new book's success!!!! And I mean that with all my heart!!

    The gecko....the cats....I'd be callin' Bud in and handing him a broom or something to get it OUT!!! Like, yesterday.

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Anni, I very much appreciate that,

      As for geckos, they're cute little fellows and eat cockroach eggs and mosquitoes so are very handy to have around. However, they come inside here at their peril!


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