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Monday, 10 March 2014

The Week That Was

 I did some editing...making sure I had coffee and mints ready for the long haul.  Yes, I have a keyboard plugged into the laptop as I'm damned if I can type on a flat keyboard!  I also have a mouse plugged in; I can better control the cursor.

Bella being a tart.  If I lay around like that, I'd be arrested. Saucy cat...
It's been a hectic week and slightly less so for the weekend.  The only day I was home was Saturday.  What with having to visit the library because I'd run out of reading material, meeting a friend for lunch and other sundry trips out and about, I actually didn't get much work done on my book.  In fact, I'd only managed my morning walk to the beach three times and I'm feeling rather deprived.  I was hoping to go today but it's pouring with rain and blowing a gale...however, I'll assess the situation later.
I had an old friend visit on Friday.  It had been four years since I'd last seen him so we had a lot to catch up on.  While catching up we managed to demolish a punnet of strawberries...they were on special at 99c a punnet so I bought two.  They were fairly small but delicious.  Earlier in the week I'd met another friend for lunch, visited the library for some more reading material...I hate not having anything to read, and on Friday did my monthly shop to stock the cupboards and fridge.  I'm not really keen on grocery shopping that's why I get it over and done with in one fell swoop.  Ok, it means I have a month's worth of stuff to lug up the stairs but I figure it's good weight training anyway.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to the fresh produce markets.  I hadn't been for a couple of months but I was hanging out for the lovely preservative free, natural chicken, macadamia and honey sausages I like to buy.  A dozen for eight or nine dollars.  Plus I also purchased six large chicken breasts and a couple of chicken, spinach and feta filos.  Over to the Stockman's meat truck where I managed to find some Wagyu minute steaks, six for $9, the last two frenched pork cutlets plus a kilo of lean beef mince...all this grass fed, not grain fed, meat.  So that's my protein sorted for some time.
I also picked up a bag of salad with 14 different ingredients including some herbs I'd never heard of but which tasted delicious as well as mushrooms, capsicums, zucchinis and avocadoes, plus a large bag of big vine ripened tomatoes which I picked up for $3.  Guess what's for dinner tonight?  Zucchini slice and salad.  I haven't had that for ages.  Last night's dinner was chicken sausages and fresh salad...yum.  As you may have guessed, I love salads and could eat them every night of the week.  Actually I quite often do.
There's no book review this week as I didn't have a lot of time apart from trying to get into one which was so boring I gave up.  I thought it may have been somewhat likeThe Railwayman's wife as the subject was similar, however, I felt the main character was self centred and self indulgent and I couldn't warm to her at all.  The author spent too much time in her character's head and not enough time moving the story along.  Ok, some people may like that but my thought was that life's too short to waste time on a book such as that so I gave up.  There are too many other books out there I have to try to read without ploughing through something as uninteresting as that book was.  Right...rant over.
So, after the week that was, which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way, I shall now knuckle down to another, hopefully more productive week, starting with this post.  I feel very relieved that I don't have to visit the supermarket for another month, apart from the odd thing I may discover I'd forgotten, however I'm hoping that won't happen.
This week I have nothing planned, apart from getting my book "out there" with fingers crossed that not too much to-ing and fro-ing is required edit-wise.  Next week will be a different story and I shall face that when it happens.
Ciao, dear friends, I shall "see" you anon...


  1. I'm loving this bit of rain we're getting...showers...need more, though. I think it will fade away within a couple of hours, though, if not less...unfortunately.

    Hopefully...fingers, toes and eyes crossed our poor farmers and graziers get drought-breaking rain from those two cyclones up north...but I don't think that's going to happen; not in widespread areas to the benefit of all.

    I visit my supermarket once a week...sometimes, twice, but mostly only once a week. I enjoy grocery shopping, but the lugging in of the groceries from the car to inside to unpack the worst part about it!

    I think Bella ate your mouse!

  2. It's cooler at nights and in the mornings now, Lee, that much I've noticed when I first step outside. As for lugging the groceries inside, up 16 steps, then lugging a heavy esky in yesterday, my back is very sore today. For my sins...

    As for Bella, nothing would surprise me with her. It was Peter who popped in on Friday and Bella was not impressed. She became very possessive of me and gave him the evil eye while he was here. When he tried to stroke her, she became very huffy as if to say, "hmph, you don't get around me like that!". I hope he didn't feel too rejected lol!

  3. I figured it was Peter, Robyn. I saw your exchange on FB. I hope all is well with him.

    I'd have to hire a crane to bring my groceries in if I only did a monthly shop and had to climb up 16 steps (plus esky)...I'd be still doing it when it was time to go again! I've enough to lug inside as it is...on level ground when doing a weekly shop. I wish I could find a spare shopping trolley somewhere so I could just dump my bags in it. With my new little Echo perhaps I should just drive it inside! It's small enough...almost! ;)

    Somehow I always end up with a load, even though I tell myself every time, I won't!

    Just the bags of cat litter are weighty enough. I buy the Black & Gold 9kg bags...and I'm a "just in case" buyer (in just about everything)...which is just in case because IGA were out of stock of the 9kg bags for three weeks; so I had to buy the samll quantity.

    I understand what you're saying about two do similar. Strangers are not welcome here in their eyes, or minds! They've very possessive of me. I, too, have to make excuses and apologies on their behalf!

  4. I had to laugh about your computer installations ! I have an Emachine, that's a screen containing everything a computer has to have which stands alone and a keyboard and mouse. I can't handle this incorporated "mouse" in a laptop neither. For traveling I have a baby computer and just for emails, googling and reading a Kindle HD with bluetooth and wifi. I am so fed up with this cold weather that I go to Djerba (Tunisia) on Saturday for a week, leaving all daily worries behind me !

  5. BUSY!!!!
    I'm reading a book that I thought was going to go a whole 'nother way with the theme, but was sorely surprised...I didn't say disappointed tho, 'cause this book is still a page turner. Just not what I expected. And I totally understand boring books. Sometimes it makes me wanna just throw it out the window!

    Now that you have things stocked up....what's for dinner?


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