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Monday, 31 March 2014

My Condiitons are Met...Plus a Book Review.

My conditions for moving out earlier have been met, so I'm very happy.  The real estate agent, Pat, rang me yesterday afternoon to ask if it was okay if he brought the valuer through at 11.30 this morning.  I told him that was fine and also mentioned what I wanted.

This morning when he came with the valuer, he told me the buyer had agreed to compensation and there would be no problem if I wanted to move out three to four weeks earlier.  So...we're all happy.  What a good feeling!

Thank goodness I have six months in which to find something though...that means I can afford to be picky.  The young couple downstairs are smokers and as their living room is directly beneath my bedroom, I get the smell of their cigarette smoke, which I do not like at all!  Also, I'll look for somewhere off the main road then I won't have to worry about crashes happening outside the gate.  My heart skips a beat if I hear brakes squeal or a horn blaring...I won't be sorry to leave that.  I'll look for something in the same area because I like it here...and hopefully will still manage to stay close to the Broadwater so I can keep on with my walks without having to drive to the beach first.  

* * * * * * * *

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo (Hatchette 2011)

This is one of James Patterson's lighter novels...he's written three others.  Just like his thrillers, there are the usual twists and unanswered questions but that's all there is in common with the thrillers.

Gaby Summerhill has announced to her four adult children via her usual video that she intends to remarry on Christmas Day.  It's been three years since her husband, the children's father died, and Gaby has found love again.  There is only one thing she hasn't mentioned...the name of the groom and she refuses to divulge this important detail until the ceremony itself.

There are three contenders for the honour of being Gaby's husband and in this story, we are introduced to the three, as well as meeting Gaby's children and their spouses.  The tale is humorous, touching and romantic without being ridiculously soppy and Patterson and his co-writer let Gaby tell us her story without getting in her way.

It's an easily read book: I got through it in an afternoon, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly would recommend it for an indulgent afternoon of light reading entertainment.

Rating: ****



  1. Well, I'm pleased you got all of that settled and out of the way,, as you say, you have time to find just what you're looking for. I hope you soon find what you're looking for, though; and then you can relax and put it all behind you. I hope you've prepared Mitzi and Bella for what lies ahead! ;)

    "What! Again?" They'll miaow!

  2. Thank you, Lee. Yes, the cats aren't going to be very impressed at all!

  3. What a happy ending....I do hope you find a place you'll be pleased with in every aspect.

  4. Thank you, Anni. I'm certain something will come up in the next few months as good as, or better, than what I have now.


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