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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I've Had a Lovely Week

Laser eyes.  I think my cats have been possessed.

Last Friday I did my monthly shop.  I really think I'll have to change it to fortnightly because it takes me ages then I have to make several trips to get it inside...up a flight of 16 stairs (a friend counted them), before putting everything away.  It's a bit of a chore and it's also hell on my back and for the next few days I'm getting around like an old woman (that fact that I am an old woman is immaterial!)

I'd briefly met the young couple from downstairs who seemed very pleasant and this particular day they were cleaning out before having a garage sale the following day.  We had a chat and I asked if friends of mine (who are avid garage sale visitors) could come around and have a look later on then remarked I'd better get on and haul my shopping upstairs.  I'd taken some bags of stuff up and heard Jamie call out to ask if my car boot was unlocked. I went down to see what was going on and she'd loaded herself up with bags of stuff, told me to add some more to what she was already carrying and took off upstairs with them.  In one trip she had done the lot where it would have taken me half a dozen trips or more up and down the stairs.  I was so very grateful for this thoughtful and spontaneous gesture of assistance.

The next day, Jamie and Steve were up early and had everything all set out for their big garage sale.  They had heaps of stuff and I spent an enjoyable time looking through clothes, books and some of the smaller things they had laid out.  I found two handbags and a huge Penny Vincenzi book which, to my delight, I hadn't read.  When I asked Jamie how much it all was, she refused to take any cash.  Even though I insisted, she was adamant.

Later Steve took their young son to football and Jamie was there on her own.   I went down and kept her company for a while then friends of hers arrived so I went back upstairs.

Lunchtime, I made myself a chicken and salad sandwich and noticed Jamie still sitting in the shade with her book while waiting for potential customers.  Now was my chance to return her generosity. I took some more bread out, made another chicken and salad sandwich, covered the plate with cling wrap and took it down to her.

Among other things, Jamie is a fully qualified chef.  Now I don't put butter on my salad sandwiches, instead I use avocado with a small amount of tangy mayonnaise before adding the mixed salad and chicken.  When Jamie returned my plate she complimented me on the sandwich and remarked on the fact that I didn't use butter.  Apparently, she makes her salad sandwiches the same way I do.

On the Sunday, I drive to the farmers' produce markets about 20 minutes' drive away.  I prefer these particular markets because as well as fresh fruit, eggs and vegetables, I can get my meat there.  I don't like buying meat from the supermarket as the quality is never as good as buying from the outlets that I use.  I bought some chicken and macadamia sausages, a couple of chicken, spinach and fetta filo parcels and some Wagyu minute steaks.  I'm not keen on thick steak and the thinly sliced minute steaks are perfect.  I didn't need a terrific amount of meat as I still had plenty in the freezer from my previous trip about a month earlier.

It was time to pick up my onions, mushrooms,  Roma tomatoes, capsicums, fresh mixed salad, zucchini and celery.  I also grabbed a rockmelon and a couple of punnets of lovely fresh strawberries then it was time for coffee. 

That was my trip to the markets.

Earlier in the week I'd had my radio interview.  The lady who interviewed me has her own radio programme which is heard via computer all over the world.  She is a dream interpretation specialist but also asked me about my books as well as the writing group I belong to...I took the opportunity to give both a good plug!

Once she lets me know when the programme is up, I'll post the link on my blog and if you wish, you'll be able to listen to it at your leisure.

That was my lovely week...I hope I have more of them!


  1. I look forward to hearing your interview, Robyn.

    There is no way I could do a monthly shop...I do a weekly shop and I still complain having to lug everything I said previously, I'd need a crane if I did a monthly shop. I think you should consider doing a more frequent one, Robyn...just to save your back and legs!

    Your furry mates have their eyes upon you'd better behave yourself! :)

  2. Yes, Lee, I've decided that wisdom is the better part of valour and shall start doing my shopping fortnightly from now on. I'll still have to carry stuff upstairs but at least it won't be as much!

  3. I too shop 2-3 times a week as one trip to my third floor apt is all I'm inclined to do upon returning from the gym.
    Good neighbors make life so much more enjoyable.

  4. Your poor cats are not obsessed ! it's your camera, the devil must be in there !
    It's so nice to have good and helpful neighbors !

    1. Hahaha! I reckon the devil is in the cats at times, Gattina.


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