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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beach Weather

Ready for my walk.

A bird's eye view.

(Hopefully) catching dinner.

A lone pelican hopes for a 

It is the first Easter break for several years where we haven't had a wet four day weekend.  Consequently, people are at the beach and out on the water.  The temperature is about 26/28C with a slight breeze.

I walked down to our little beach both yesterday and today during the afternoon.  I like going early in the morning but it's too dark now and also a bit chilly; I don't like chilly!  Yesterday there were families picnicking, kids playing on the swings and slide, swimming and building sandcastles.  Today, there were only a few people, some with their dogs, taking in the beautiful weather.

The Broadwater was very busy with jet ski riders, people in their tinnies put-putting along and small yachts with their sails making a splash of colour on the blue of the water.  There were large launches, charter boats and of course, a paraglider or two.  I could see the small helicopters taking holiday makers on their 15 minute flight over the water and occasionally hear and see Cloud 9, the Seaworld amphibian, taking off.

I sat on the sand and relaxed, not thinking of anything, just enjoying the soft breeze and the feel of the sun on my arms and legs.  After about half an hour, I picked up my sandals and water container and wondered along the beach, paddling in the water which was surprisingly warm...  probably because the tide was coming in and washing over the warm sand.

As I walked back along the esplanade I could see lots of empty berths in the marina, no doubt people were off in their vessels and enjoying the beautiful weather out on the water.

I'll be back at the beach again tomorrow.

* * * * * * * *

I'd been to the library a few days before Easter to stock up on some reading material for the weekend.  I always feel that choosing books is a bit of a gamble, especially if the author is new or unknown.  I've had a few duds lately but this time, I was very pleased because I had managed to find some books that held my interest and were extremely well written.

Which brings me to the current book review...

Paris by Edward Rutherford (Hodder & Stoughton 2013)

At a little over 800 pages, Rutherford has written a big robust book and I couldn't put it down!  This novel of the City of Lights involves four families across the centuries and encompasses the days of the Belle Epoque, French Revolution, two World Wars and the Resistance.  The tale is full of love, betrayal, corruption and intrigue causing heartbreak and grief.  We meet Monet, Chagall, the Sun King, Eiffel (he of tower renown) and Ernest Hemingway amongst other historical figures.

If you enjoy history, you'll love this book.  Rutherford (author of Sarum), has the knack of bringing his characters to life in the conflicts and intrigues of their respective times.  Because of the complex nature of the novel, he's given the family trees of all families as well as maps of old Paris and modern Paris.  I found the family trees, especially, very helpful as there are so many characters involved.

 A good book for a long lazy weekend.

Rating:  *****

* * * * * * * *

I hope you have a lovely Easter with your families, including lots of chocolate and hot cross buns.  If travelling, keep safe and enjoy the journey.


  1. It certainly is brilliant weather we're having for Easter....absolutely perfect!

    I'll be up bright and early tomorrow hitting the local bakery to pick up my Hot Cross buns...I ordered them a couple of weeks back. I only ever have them on Easter that's my breakfast tomorrow morning - with mixed berry jam on them...and a mug of coffee...and the "Sunday Mail".

    I'm up bright and early every morning...but not every morning am I off to the bakery!

    Enjoy the rest of Easter,'s sound like you've been enjoying it so far. :)

  2. I don't buy hot cross buns...I don't like them. Although some years ago Woolies brought out apple and cinnamon HC buns and I loved those! Unfortunately they didn't continue with them :(

  3. I like the ones from the bakery...but I only ever have them on Easter Sunday, as I said...fresh out of the oven and still warm. It's just a tradition with me...I have my little traditions for different times/events throughout the year. It doesn't take much to amuse me! ;)

    Another of my traditions is on Anzac Day mornings...after I've been to the Dawn Service I watch the Brisbane march on the ABC...and I always have a couple of rums with milk as I watch the parade.

    I guess we all have our quirks...a friend of mine is quite fascinated that I bother...seeing I live alone...but it's just how I am.

    Those apple and cinnamon buns sound very nice.

  4. It seems that you have a wonderful Easter weather ! I wished I could walk along the beach ! We also have sunshine but only 13° ! What a difference from last week where we had 23°C ! We don't do anything for Easter, we had an Easter egg hunting last week when Toby was here.

  5. I love the beach, Gattina, and I guess I've been very fortunate in that I've lived close to or a fairly short drive to beaches most of my life. I've been very good this weekend, no chocolate at all! Probably because I forgot to buy some last week. However, I did remember to buy a bottle of wine! Priorities...

  6. and me both, chilly is all kinds of wrong. I'm a wuss. NEED warm days.

    Beautiful walk on the beach Robyn.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Anni. I love the warmth.


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